On the Road Again - DAY 28

Day 28: Taking Responsibility

Read Luke 13:6-9

To drive home his point, Jesus tells a parable about a fig tree that isn’t producing fruit. The owner wants to cut it down, but the gardener asks for more time to fertilize and care for it. If it still doesn’t produce fruit, then it will be cut down.

This parable illustrates God’s patience and our responsibility. We have a limited time to produce fruit in our lives. Instead of blaming others or being distracted by their faults, we need to take responsibility for our own spiritual growth. We get plenty of second chances from God, but we don’t get unlimited chances. Take action today!

Are you taking responsibility for your spiritual growth? What steps can you take to ensure you are producing fruit in your life?

Lord, help me to take responsibility for my spiritual growth. Teach me to produce fruit in my life and to make the most of the time You have given me. Amen.

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