The Way DAY 6 - The Baptism of Jesus

Day 6: The Baptism of Jesus

Luke 3:21-23a

John the Baptist is baptizing people, getting people ready for God to do something big. Remember, last week we said that repentance makes room for God to work. John is shocked when Jesus comes to be baptized. Other Gospels tell us John challenged Jesus: “You don’t need this! You’re no sinner! You should baptize me!” But Jesus insists.

Why is Jesus getting baptized? Come to think of it, why do we baptize people on the Way of Jesus even today?

Jesus receives baptism to identify with us fully. Christians thinking about this over the centuries have realized that fact. “All the people” are getting baptized so Jesus goes to all the people. It’s solidarity with us.

Solidarity means standing shoulder-to-shoulder with someone, not watching from the sidelines. People of different ethnicities stood with black Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. Some were mistreated just like their black neighbors. Solidarity is your sponsor sitting with you through a twelve-step program. In the final Harry Potter film, all the Hogwarts students stand with Harry as Slytherins want to attack him and turn him over to the enemy. That’s solidarity.

Why is Jesus baptized? Solidarity. Jesus stands with us in baptism. His solidarity also tells us something about where we stand with God.

What’s a picture of solidarity that speaks to you?

Lord, thank you for standing with me through your baptism. Amen.
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