Because of Easter DAY 1

DAY 1 - Liberated from Labels

Galatians 3:26-28

* Because Jesus is alive and in charge, we can be a new PERSON. *

In a world obsessed with branding and labeling, it's easy to get imprisoned by the identities society imposes on us. Whether it's the logos we proudly display or the names others call us, these labels can confine us to boxes that stifle who we are in Christ. Like the early Christians in Galatians 3, we may find ourselves pressured to conform to certain expectations, whether cultural, religious, or personal.

But the good news is that through faith in Christ, we're set free from these imprisoning labels. Paul's letter reminds us that our true identity is found in Jesus, not in the logos we wear or the names we're called. We're justified by faith, washed clean of our past, and welcomed into God's family as beloved children.

Today, let's reflect on the labels we've allowed to define us and surrender them at the feet of Jesus. Let's embrace our new identity as children of God, liberated from the constraints of worldly expectations. As we journey through this Easter season, may we boldly declare our allegiance to Christ, the one who sets us free from every label that seeks to imprison us.

What labels do you want to leave behind?

Thank you, Jesus, for making me a new person. Amen.

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