The Way DAY 32 - Don't Be the Hero

DAY 32 - Don't Be the Hero

Luke 7:39-43

Simon the Pharisee assumes, “This woman is a sinner.” Everyone else in town does, too. Simon assumes, “Jesus can’t be a prophet. A prophet would know a sinner on sight.” His assumptions about the woman - and Jesus - are wrong. His assumptions blind him.

But he’s also made another critical assumption. He’s assumed something dangerous about himself. He assumes he’s in a better position than the woman, that she’s a sinner and he’s not. All his assumptions make him the hero. Simon is the center of his own universe.

Jesus turns to Simon and says, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” When Jesus says that to you - watch out! He tells a little story that turns everything upside down. One person owes one year’s salary, one owes one month’s. Both are forgiven. Who’s more grateful? Easy, Jesus: the one who owed more!

Now he’s got him. Three times Jesus says, “You did not…but she did.” What didn’t he do? He was a bad host. He invited Jesus in but kept him at arm's length - none of the usual graces of hospitality. You’ve been there, right? You’ve been somewhere you were tolerated but not embraced. The sinful woman was a better host than the self-righteous Pharisee! All because he had to be his own hero. Beware the temptation to be the hero of your own story.

Have you ever felt self-righteous or judged someone else because you thought you were morally superior? How can we avoid falling into this trap?

Lord, I’m sorry for trying to be the hero of my own story. You’re the hero of every story! I trust you - and you alone - to save me and lead me. Amen.

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