On the Road Again - DAY 13

Day 13: Persistence in Prayer

Luke 11:5-8

Jesus tells a story about a guy who keeps knocking on his neighbor’s door at midnight to ask for bread. Even though the neighbor is initially reluctant, he eventually gives in because the man is so persistent. Jesus uses this parable to teach us the importance of being bold and persistent in our prayers.

Is God like a neighbor we have to win over? No! Jesus’ point is simple: if even an unmotivated person can be persuaded to help, how much more will our already motivated Father give us what we need? God loves us and is eager to help, so, of course, we should ask and keep asking.

Do you sometimes give up too quickly in prayer? How can you be more persistent in bringing your needs to God?

Lord, help me to keep asking, seeking, and knocking. Teach me to trust in Your love and persistence in prayer. Amen.

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