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The Way DAY 28 - What is Love?
February 28th, 2024
DAY 28 - What is Love?Luke 6:32-36 What is love?It’s popular to say, “Love is love,” but that’s a bit of a word game. It covers up the fact that our English word, “love,” describes some very different...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 24 - Burden or Bless?
February 23rd, 2024
DAY 24 - Burden or Bless?Mark 2:23-28Today we read Mark’s version of the Luke 6 Sabbath controversy. Mark includes a statement from Jesus that Luke doesn’t. In Mark 2:27, Jesus says, “The Sabbath was ...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 15 - The Way of Love
February 9th, 2024
Day 15 - The Way of Love1 Corinthians 13:1-17 People often struggle to use their freedom to love others. Study 1 Corinthians and you’ll see Paul confronting an entitled church. Many Corinthians though...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 13 - Freedom to Love
February 7th, 2024
Day 13 - Freedom to LoveLuke 4:22-30Everyone loves freedom, right? Then why did people get so mad at Jesus during his hometown sermon? At first, in v.23, everyone’s impressed. It’s all, “Wow, that’s J...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 10 - Defeating Your Defeaters
February 2nd, 2024
DAY 10: Defeating Your DefeatersLuke 4:1-13In the face of temptation, Jesus stands firm. Using Scripture, he deflects the devil's attacks aimed at his identity. Despite being tempted, Jesus cannot sin...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 9 - Full of the Holy Spirit
February 1st, 2024
Day 9: Full of the Holy SpiritLuke 4:1-2; Romans 5:5After his baptism, “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempt...  Read More
by Casey Taylor