The Way DAY 25 - BONUS: The Twelve
February 24th, 2024
DAY 25 - BONUS: The TwelveLuke 6:13-19** We missed a day earlier this month, so here’s a short bonus devo.**Earlier in Luke 5, Jesus starts gathering disciples. Remember, disciples are students or app...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 24 - Burden or Bless?
February 23rd, 2024
DAY 24 - Burden or Bless?Mark 2:23-28Today we read Mark’s version of the Luke 6 Sabbath controversy. Mark includes a statement from Jesus that Luke doesn’t. In Mark 2:27, Jesus says, “The Sabbath was ...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 23 - Bend Toward Mercy
February 22nd, 2024
DAY 23 - Bend Toward MercyLuke 6:6-11Why does Jesus respond to the Pharisees as he does in Luke 6? We’re asking about motive, so we have to find out more about how Jesus sees the world. The last part ...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 22 - Respond Like Jesus
February 21st, 2024
DAY 22 - Respond Like JesusLuke 6:1-5How does Jesus interact with people who disagree with him? First, Jesus looks for common ground. Since he and the Pharisees both look to Scripture as an authority,...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 21 - Jesus and Mr. Rogers
February 20th, 2024
DAY 21 - Jesus and Mr. RogersLuke 5:27-32Many of us remember Fred Rogers, his soothing voice teaching kids about gentleness and respect. Mr. Rogers made everyone feel safe and welcome in his neighborh...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 20 - Differences and Disagreements
February 19th, 2024
DAY 20 - Differences and DisagreementsLuke 6:1-2How do we treat people who differ from - or disagree with - us? We may be more aware of the world’s diversity more than at any other time in human histo...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 19 - Follow Me
February 16th, 2024
Day 19: Follow MeLuke 5:8-11Jesus wants lifelong learners, not one-time decisions. But what does that look like to practice what he preaches? We get the classic picture at the end of the story. After ...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 18 - Trust and Obey
February 14th, 2024
Day 18: Trust and ObeyLuke 5:4-7How does Peter respond to Jesus the teacher?Jesus says, “Go fish, Peter.” Peter says, “We fished all night and came up empty, teacher. But…because you say so, we’ll try...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 17 - What is the Kingdom of God?
February 13th, 2024
Day 17: What is the Kingdom of God?Luke 4:38-44Jesus preached about the kingdom of God.But what is the kingdom of God?I’m not exaggerating when I say that people who study the Bible professionally hav...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 16 - The Teacher
February 12th, 2024
Day 16: The TeacherLuke 5:1-4If Jesus’ death saves us, why should we care about what he did or said before that? Why did the Gospels give any space to his teachings?Luke 5 gives us a big clue. Look at...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 15 - The Way of Love
February 9th, 2024
Day 15 - The Way of Love1 Corinthians 13:1-17 People often struggle to use their freedom to love others. Study 1 Corinthians and you’ll see Paul confronting an entitled church. Many Corinthians though...  Read More
by Casey Taylor
The Way DAY 14 - Ditch "What About Me"
February 8th, 2024
Day 14 - Ditch “What About Me”Galatians 5:13-14 The Way of Jesus says you won’t be free until you ditch “What about me?” Jesus frees us FROM sin and frees us TO love. Freedom from sin opens the door t...  Read More
by Casey Taylor