Because of Easter DAY 6


Philippians 4:8-9

Because Jesus is alive and in charge, we can have peace. The apostle Paul called this “peace that passes understanding” - unbelievable peace! He also tells us how we can tap into the peace of Christ. Yesterday we talked about prayer. Today we talk about our thinking. 

Have you ever noticed how often we think about things that upset us? Is it any wonder that we think about unsettling things and then feel unsettled? 

When I was a teenager, I heard countless lessons based on this verse about what movies to watch and what music to listen to. I always heard, “garbage in, garbage out.” As I’ve gotten older and spent more time with the Lord, I see the wisdom I once rolled my eyes at. If we constantly consume mental junk food, our minds and our souls will be unhealthy.

Paul tells us to think deeply about things that are true, things that are good, things that are beautiful. This won’t happen accidentally. Fix your attention on peaceful things. Turn off screens, go for a walk, read your Bible, or pray a passage of Scripture. The peace of Christ is yours because Jesus is alive and in charge. Take it!

What might you think too much about that’s robbing your peace?

Lord, I’m sorry for thinking too much about things that rob me of peace. Today I surrender my thoughts to you again. Give me peace that passes understanding. Amen.

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