The Way DAY 37 - The Farmer and the Seeds

DAY 37 - The Farmer and the Seeds

Luke 8:4-11

Why do some people embrace the gospel and others don’t?

That’s the question burning behind the Parable of the Sower. It’s natural question for believers and unbelievers alike. I know and love Jesus. I believe Jesus is our only hope for this life and the next. Why doesn’t my friend, my spouse, my neighbor, my child, see what I see?

The Parable of the Sower tells us. It’s not an exhaustive answer but it’s not meant to be. It’s a parable that explains why people get, or don’t get, parables. 

Before talking about us, however, Jesus first talks about God. He does this through the farmer. The farmer scatters seed all over the place almost carelessly, or with great generosity. “The seed is the word of God (v.11).” That word is any message from God. Think of all the times in the Old Testament when the prophets said, “So says the Lord.” It’s absolutely appropriate to talk about the Bible as the word of God since it, at the very least, contains words from God. Every message from God is God trying to get through to us.

But in this context, we’re meant to think about the gospel Jesus is preaching. That’s the word of God that we need to urgently hear. That means God is the famer, and Jesus is the farmer as he goes village to village. It also means the preacher on Sunday morning is the farmer, and you’re the farmer when you share about your faith or give someone an Easter invite card. 

All that tells us something vitally important about God: God grows the kingdom with the word. God’s not into force or flashy productions. God will not coerce people to accept Jesus or do things God’s way. God’s kingdom doesn’t gain ground by violence. Every time that’s been tried it’s been a disaster. This simple, but powerful, message about living under God’s loving leadership only has the power of persuasion.

The parable shows how God grows the kingdom, not by force or flashy production but by God’s word. What are some ways gospel-seed is scattered?

Lord, thank you for the people who shared the gospel with me. Use me to tell others the good news of Jesus. Amen.

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