Psalms DAY 24

DAY 24 - The Banquet Host

Psalm 23:5

Suddenly, the image changes in v.5. God the shepherd becomes a banquet host who HONORS his people. God provides, guides, protects, and honors his people. Imagine being surrounded by danger and sitting down to a luxurious meal right in the middle. God sets a table in front of the enemies! This isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving!

The psalmist also says, “You anoint my head with oil.” That’s an odd image for us today. Who wants oil dumped on their head? People did use oil cosmetically (we still do, just mixed with other ingredients through a more refined process). They also used it to mark people for special purpose. Kings and priests were anointed to mark them for their special work. This shepherd-host marks us out for special purpose and honor. The psalmist feels so honored that it’s almost too much: his “cup overflows.”

All of us have dignity by virtue of being alive. We’re made in God’s image. In Christ, the Anointed One, we also receive special honor. We’re adopted into God’s royal family.

Do you feel honored? How does you feel hearing God honors you?

Lord, you set a feast in front of me. You honor me more than I deserve or can imagine. Thank you! Amen.

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