The Way DAY 20 - Differences and Disagreements

DAY 20 - Differences and Disagreements

Luke 6:1-2

How do we treat people who differ from - or disagree with - us? We may be more aware of the world’s diversity more than at any other time in human history. All of that difference can be taxing. We wonder how to cope. 

Thankfully, Jesus dealt with differences and disagreements, too. We can learn from his example. Starting in Luke 5:17 through today’s reading in Luke 6, Jesus provokes strong reactions. He especially triggers some of the Pharisees.

Pharisees were one “denomination” in first-century Judaism. They loved the Bible! And they were very worried about standing out from nonbelievers during Roman occupation. They believed in strict ritual purity. Don’t color outside the lines. Don’t even color near the lines! 

They were especially concerned with not working on the Sabbath. If God said, “Rest on the Sabbath,” then everyone should make sure not to break the rules, even accidentally. So they listed all the things, down to the detail, that might count as work. As you might have guessed, picking grain and rubbing it in your hands counted as work to the Pharisees. Jesus and his disciples were breaking their rules.  

The fact is, people are going to disagree with each other. Even good-intentioned Christians will disagree with each other about how to understand parts of the Bible. It’s encouraging to know that Jesus dealt with the same kinds of disagreements. Don’t be surprised - or overwhelmed - by differences and disagreements. 

When have you experienced stress over a difference from or disagreement with someone else?

Lord, you faced the same kinds of differences and disagreements I face today. Teach me not to be surprised or overwhelmed by these. Amen.
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