The Way DAY 19 - Follow Me

Day 19: Follow Me

Luke 5:8-11

Jesus wants lifelong learners, not one-time decisions. But what does that look like to practice what he preaches? We get the classic picture at the end of the story. After their boats nearly sink from fish, Peter realizes he’s in the presence of greatness. He falls down at Jesus’ feet. V.10, “Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.” Peter, James, John, and others follow Jesus. He teaches, they trust and TAGALONG. 

How do we learn from our teachers? Well, we could talk about their curriculum, their syllabus, tools like books or computers, a good learning environment. Some of you could add to the list. But here’s the thing you absolutely have to have for students to learn from their teachers: they have to be WITH each other. Be together. 

All my kids have learned different skills: taekwondo, dance, drums. We’ve looked at books and YouTube videos, but what really accelerated their learning was being with a teacher.

Think about the stuff you know how to do. Maybe it’s something complicated like playing an instrument or accounting. Maybe it’s something simple like brushing your teeth. You learned by being with a teacher. You didn’t go to toothbrushing school, but you had a teacher. Teacher, cop, cook, graphic design, writer - you learned that by being with someone more skilled.

Friends, you have to be WITH Jesus. You can do that through all the means of grace, but at the very least you’ve got to pray, study scripture, and worship with other disciples. Those are all ways of being with Jesus. 

How are you WITH Jesus? What exactly are you doing to tagalong and learn from him? [After thinking about this, pause for a few minutes to sit quietly in attentive prayer before the Lord.]

Lord, you say, “Follow me,” and I want to follow you. I want to be your disciple. I take these few moments now simply to be with you…
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