Psalms DAY 15

DAY 15 - Think to Thank, Pt 2

Psalm 107:42-43

Yesterday we said, “The more you think, the more you’ll thank.” We were encouraged to think about our own history with God.

Psalm 107 isn’t just a song about what God’s done for ME, but a song about what God’s done for US. We’re missing so much of the good God’s up to if we never look around at others. What good things has God done in your family’s life? Your friends’ lives? Your church’s life? How has God guided family, friends, neighbors, even enemies, closer and closer to God’s purpose?

Tthink and pray about God’s story, too. Psalm 107 reflects on the writer’s life through his people’s history with God. Again and again, he sees God’s loyal love.

I wonder, when you’re reading Scripture, how often does your thinking turn to thanking? Do you ever marvel at God’s mercy in Eden or his faithfulness when reading Judges? Do you ever puzzle over God’s providence when reading Esther? Do you ever thank God because you think about what Jesus Christ did to win you salvation?

God made us to love and be loved, but we rebel against God’s love. Like our spiritual ancestors, we wander off, weighed down by sin, wasting away, and working for things that never satisfy. But Jesus Christ came to save us. He is God’s loyal love for us. Everyone who trusts him has life that starts today and lasts forever. The more you think, the more you’ll thank. Thank you, God!

How often do you give thanks while reading Scripture?

Thank you, God, for your amazing grace! Thank you for your faithful love. Amen.

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