The Way DAY 45 - The Leadership of Jesus

DAY 45 - The Leadership of Jesus

Luke 19:28-44

What kind of leader is Jesus?

Last week, Peter correctly identified Jesus as the Messiah, but Jesus cautioned against spreading this news widely. Why the secrecy? Why doesn’t Jesus want the PR department to run with this? Why not fill the newsfeed with endorsements from the Average Joe like Peter? 

Maybe it’s because Jesus’ predictions of suffering and death challenged their ideas about leadership. Heroes don’t lose! Heroes crush the enemy! Jesus knew that his role as Savior wouldn't match people's expectations of a victorious leader. He was destined to suffer and die, not conquer with force like earthly heroes. Nobody expected that kind of hero! 

Jesus showed his unusual leadership again on Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. He turned the usual military parade of a conquering hero upside down. He rode into Jerusalem peacefully with no army in sight. This was the first big step to the cross which proved more than anything else how unusual a leader Jesus is. 

How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus started talking about rejection and death?

Jesus, you’re not the leader we expect but the leader we need. I trust you to lead me today. Amen.

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