On the Road Again - DAY 8

Day 8: The True Neighbor

Luke 10:33-35 

Jesus made the villain the hero - the Samaritan! Jesus' Jewish audience were hostile to Samaritans. He could just as well have said, “A terrorist stopped by to help.” Yet, this Samaritan stops, helps, and goes above and beyond to care for the injured man. He not only bandages his wounds but takes him to an inn and ensures his continued care.

This story flips expectations and prejudices on their head. The true neighbor is the one who shows mercy, regardless of background or social standing. Jesus teaches that love transcends boundaries and that our neighbor is anyone in need.

Consider a time when someone unexpected showed you kindness. How can you extend that same kindness to others, breaking down barriers and prejudices?

Lord, help me to see beyond social and cultural boundaries. Teach me to love and serve everyone I encounter, just as the Good Samaritan did. Amen.

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