The Way DAY 44 - His Devotion

DAY 44 - His Devotion

Luke 9:30-31

We’ve talked about decision and depth of insight this week, but there’s one last thing to see, and that’s devotion.

We’re not talking about our devotion but Jesus’ devotion. You probably noticed that the disciples don’t have much to do in this story. Jesus is the center of action. The transfiguration happens while he’s praying, not the disciples. God the Father emphasizes Jesus’ sonship and authority.

But most interesting of all, Moses and Elijah talk in v.30 about Jesus’ upcoming “departure.” This departure would be fulfilled soon in Jerusalem. It’s kind of weird to talk about someone fulfilling a departure, isn’t it?

In Greek, the word for departure is “exodus.” They’re talking about his coming death and resurrection. Who led the first exodus, the departure from Egypt? Moses! Moses led Israel to freedom, but Jesus’ death and resurrection buys freedom for everyone. It’s the true and lasting Exodus!

We’ve been talking about the importance of our decision to profess faith in Jesus, but his devotion matters more than our decision. In fact, his devotion makes our decision to follow him matter. His faithfulness makes your faith count. Why not commit to one who’s so committed to you?

Why does Jesus’ devotion matter so much?

Thank you, Lord, for your devotion. Your faithfulness to God’s way and your love for me led you to the cross. Your death and resurrection also led to my freedom. Thank you! Amen.

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