The Way DAY 27 - Excessive Generosity

DAY 27 - Excessive Generosity

Luke 6:27-31

Part two of Jesus’ sermon is radical: “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.” If there’s a more radical ethical teaching in any religion in the world, I’d like to see it. The scholar, Scot McKnight, calls this “enemy love.”

Jesus is trying to recalibrate our moral compass. He names examples of what it could’ve looked like to love your enemies in the first c. The list is very practical. Of course, there are many situations where it’s natural to ask, “What about this situation, Jesus?” And Christians have asked all the questions! Questions like, can Christians be part of law enforcement or the military, or is Jesus commanding pacifism? Do I have to give every time someone wants something? What about when my toddler demands a kitchen knife? Or a drug addict asks for money to get a fix? Does this encourage abuse?

This is not a checklist of how to respond every time someone wants something from you. We still have to think and use wisdom to know how to apply excessive generosity to the many situations we face. But the essence of Jesus’ point isn’t hard to understand. He says, “Enemies want to take from you. You’ll want to take from them in return. Don’t. Instead, respond with excessive generosity.”

How does excessive generosity challenge conventional wisdom about personal gain and self-interest?

Thank you, Lord, for showing me excessive generosity. Teach me how to do the same for others - even for my enemies. Amen.

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