The Way DAY 38 - The Seed and The Soil

DAY 38 - The Seed and the Soil

Luke 8:9-14
Why do some people not receive the gospel?

Jesus identifies three possible reasons in the parable. First, some people are sabotaged by spiritual attack. That covers a lot of situations. People resist the gospel because they’ve been hurt, maybe by Christians or a loved one, and they can’t see beyond their pain to God’s goodness. People resist the gospel when they give in to temptation. All are forms of spiritual attack.

It’s true that some people, even Christians, have a hard time believing in the devil or demons. Some of this skepticism is a reaction to cartoonish pictures of Satan. However, it’s quite reasaonable to believe in the unseen world. How else can we believe in God?

Some people lose faith because of suffering. They receive Jesus with joy, but their faith never grows deep enough roots to get through hard times.

A third group miss the gospel because of success. Life feels so easy, why would I need God or anyone else’s help? Look at all I’ve accomplished! We mention this each week in our Prayer of Generosity. We must be patient, wise, and understanding with those who do not accept the gospel, no matter the reason.

The parable names four reactions to the gospel: spiritual attack, suffering, success, and receptiveness. Which of these reactions do you think is most common and why?

Lord, help me to be more aware of why people may be struggling to accept you. Give me wisdom and understanding. Amen.

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