Because of Easter DAY 9

DAY 9 - Can You Change?

Colossians 3:3

Because Jesus is alive and in charge, we have new power. We have this new power through God’s Holy Spirit to live a new life, to change for the better.

But can we really change? Many people today believe that sin is invincible. We think it’s impossible for people to say “no” to sinful impulses or, worse, we think those things are an essential part of who we are. We then believe the lie that freedom comes from embracing those self-centered desires.

Paul tells us that’s a lie. Sin is not invincible! The 18th c. pastor, John Wesley, said, “Sin remains, it doesn’t reign.” Through Jesus Christ who conquered sin and death, we can break free of the self-centered desires inside, we say “no” to the demonic voices that whisper to us, and we can go against the flow of things in our society and culture that lead away from the fullness of life God desires for us.

You can change for the better. You can be more like Jesus. You can be the person God wants you to be. God gives you new power through Jesus who is alive and in charge!

Do you really believe change is possible?

Lord, change me for the better. Make me like Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit, and fill me again. Amen.

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