Because of Easter DAY 2

DAY 2 -  Baptized into a New Person

Colossians 2:9-12

Because Jesus is alive and in charge, we can be a new person. Baptism is key to our new identity in Christ. Baptism isn't just a ritual; it's a powerful declaration of our new identity in Christ. 

In baptism, the old labels that define us are cut away. That’s why Paul uses the picture of circumcision in Colossians 2. It’s like another person is removed from us. The part of you removed is “the whole self ruled by the flesh.” That’s the self-centered part of you. Through baptism, that part of you died in Jesus’s own death.

In baptism, a new person comes alive! Just as Jesus was raised from death to new life, you are raised to a whole new life “through your faith” (v.12). Old labels, but especially sins, don’t define you.

Remember: the old, selfish version of you died with Jesus on Good Friday. The new you came to life with Jesus on Easter!

What’s harder to accept: that your sins don’t define you or that you can live a new life?

Thank you, Father, for raising me to life in Jesus! Amen.

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