The Way DAY 18 - Trust and Obey

Day 18: Trust and Obey

Luke 5:4-7

How does Peter respond to Jesus the teacher?

Jesus says, “Go fish, Peter.” Peter says, “We fished all night and came up empty, teacher. But…because you say so, we’ll try one more time.” I doubt the two have just met. However long they’ve known each other, Peter trusts Jesus. Trust is an essential ingredient of discipleship. The teacher teaches, the student trusts the teacher. Peter is becoming a disciple.

What is a disciple? A disciple is a student or apprentice. In his book, The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard said: “A disciple…is simply someone who has decided to be with another person…in order to become capable of doing what that person does or to become what that person is.” 

Jesus calls us to be his disciples. It’s easy to figure out if you’re a disciple. Either you are or you are not. You can be a good disciple or a bad disciple, a beginner or an expert. We’re not measuring perfection here, we’re measuring practice. Do you apply yourself to learn from Jesus? White belts are every bit taekwondo students as black belts. 

We often debate whether or not someone’s “really a Christian,” which usually means, “Will they make the final cut and go to heaven?” That question might have its place but we should focus more on being Jesus’ disciple. 

Disciples do what their teacher tells them to do. You won’t do what Jesus tells you to do unless you trust him. You won’t trust him unless you think he’s smart and good. You either believe Jesus knows what he’s talking about or you don’t. Would you take karate classes from someone who didn’t know karate? Would you take voice lessons from someone who sings like a dying cat? No! Jesus’ teaching is worthless if you don’t trust him.

Are you learning from Jesus?

Some people worry whether or not they are really a Christian and whether or not they’ll “make the final cut.” How does focusing on being Jesus’ disciple affect those worries?

Teach me, Jesus. I’m your student. I’m here to learn. Sweep away distractions and temptations. Amen.
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