The Way DAY 47 - Daily Denial

DAY 47 - Daily Denial

Luke 9:23-24

What does it look like to take up your cross and follow Jesus?

First, it means daily denial. Luke includes one word that dramatically clarifies what it means to carry your cross. It’s the word “daily.” It can’t only mean literally dying as a martyr. It also doesn’t mean self-inflicted pain. It also doesn’t mean tolerating abuse. Abuse is forced on people and the fact that Jesus says we have to “pick up” the cross means this daily denial is voluntary.

Diane Chen says that daily denial “means letting go of everything in opposition to God.” It’s saying “no” to your wants, sometimes even your needs, to see other people flourish. It looks like quietly biting your tongue when someone baits you with an insult. Daily denial is the parent putting down the phone to play with her kids.

Daily denial means letting go of our wants and needs to prioritize the well-being of others. It's seen in small acts of kindness, like putting aside our plans to help someone in need. Daily denial is challenging, but it's a key aspect of following Jesus and living a life of selflessness.

Jesus says, “Deny yourself and take up your cross daily.” What does that look like? Why is the word “daily” important here?

Lord Jesus, you picked up your cross to give us life. Help me to practice daily denial so others can flourish. Amen.

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