Because of Easter DAY 4

DAY 4 - Peace I Give You

John 20:19-23

Because Jesus is alive and in charge, we can have peace. During his last night with the disciples, Jesus promised them peace. Soon they’d be separated and he’d be dead. The disciples would assume their hopes and dreams were over. But Jesus still promised them peace.

Jesus echoed that promise of peace when he appeared to his disciples on Easter. “Peace be with you,” he repeated. He didn't criticize them for their grief or fear or confusion. Instead, he offered them peace. In fact, his being there made peace a reality.

In the same way, Jesus offers us peace in the middle of our uncertainties. His presence brings assurance that we are not alone, that he is with us, offering comfort and strength.

Whatever you’re facing today, you are not alone. Jesus is with you to give you peace. Claim it today.

What situation in your life most needs peace?

Jesus, you’re alive and in charge - and you want to give me peace. You know the situation stressing me out today. Give me your peace. Amen.

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