The Way DAY 2 - A Change Will Do You Good

DAY 2 - A Change Will Do You Good

Luke 3:10-18

Repentance means change—altering your mind and actions. Our need for personal change was a pivotal part of John’s message, Jesus' message, and the early Christian message. Repent and believe: turn and trust. The Way of Jesus is a life of change. If you're seeking a comfortable "I'm ok, you're ok" church experience, you're not embracing the Way of Jesus. You can't follow the Way of Jesus without change.

Repentance is good news! Repentance makes room for God to work. Using the words of the prophet Isaiah, Luke says that John’s whole ministry was about preparing the way for Jesus. He helped people make room for Jesus to bring hope, healing, and forgiveness.

We once moved into a house where 30% of the backyard was overgrown with brush. We wanted space for our kids and a garden. But first, we had to change - we had to make room for something better to grow. You make room every time you clean up a mess!

Repentance makes room for God to work. When you repent, you say, "Come closer, Lord! I'm ready for whatever you want to do! I'm ready to walk the Way of Jesus!" This week, we’ll dig deeper into three aspects of change on the Way of Jesus.

When do you find it hard to change? What makes it easier to change?

Lord, change is hard. You love me and want to change me for the better. Help me to want and welcome good change that makes me more like you. Amen.