The Way DAY 34 - The Grace You Show

DAY 34 - The Grace You Show

Luke 7:36-50

But Jesus doesn’t stop there. He turns that truth around: “But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” What explains Simon’s lack of love? He doesn’t know grace. He hasn’t experienced forgiveness because he doesn’t see his own sin. He’s the hero of his story. He doesn’t show grace to Jesus or the woman. He doesn’t SHOW grace because he doesn’t KNOW grace. The grace you SHOW confirms the grace you KNOW. God’s grace is the undeserved, unearned, and unexpected kindness of God that saves us.

If you’re impatient, unkind, never giving people the benefit of the doubt, chances are, you don’t see your own flaws AND you don’t know God’s grace. The grace you show confirms the grace you know. If you’re tempted to be mean to someone who’s being mean to you, remember this: it might be they’ve never tasted grace. Maybe everyone’s been harsh and critical to them. They show what they know. You might be the first person to give them a taste of God’s grace by being gracious when they’re not.

We need that awareness of sin because it’s the great equalizer. “ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” From the poor to the powerful, we all need God’s grace.

If you don’t see your own sin and your need for grace, then you’ll put yourself in a dangerous place, both spiritually and socially. What do I mean? First, spiritually, you won’t reach out to get God’s help, which leaves you stranded in sin and leads to death. If you don’t think you’re drowning, you won’t grab the lifesaver.

Second, socially, if you don’t see your own sin, you’ll be judgmental and critical of others. You’ll make yourself the moral standard that everyone needs to measure up to. You’ll be just like the Pharisee. You’ll lie to yourself about yourself. You’ll look down your nose at other people and mistreat them. In fact, you might even justify mistreating people because “it’s for their own good.” You’ll have absolutely no reason to show anyone grace. The grace you show confirms the grace you know. If you don’t know grace, you won’t show grace.

Why is it necessary to acknowledge our own faults before we can extend grace to others? Can you think of a time when admitting your own mistakes helped you show empathy to someone else?

Thank you, Lord, for your grace. Help me to show others the same grace you’ve shown me. Amen.

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