The Way DAY 43 - Your Next Step

DAY 43 - Your Next Step

Luke 9:20

This week’s reflections began with Jesus asking the Twelve Apostles, “Who the crowds say that I am?” Then he turned the question to them, “Who do you say that I am?” That question is aimed at us, too. We can’t just analyze Jesus like an interesting historical figure. We have to wrestle with the question for ourselves and give an answer. We have to make a decision.

Yesterday we said that depth of insight follows decision. That is, our understanding only grows after we’ve committed to someone or to a course of action. 

We see this principle at work everywhere. Married people experience this. Some people want to keep their options open, never settle down with one person. Others take the “try it before you buy it” approach: “How can I commit to this person for the long term if we don’t live together first?” One of the many problems with that is that there are things about your partner, and yourself, that you just can’t learn until you commit. Depth of insight follows decision.

Pick any area of interest and you’ll see it’s the same. You can study the ocean, look at pictures, watch videos on YouTube, but you know it in a whole new way once you swim in it. Or baking. You can watch “The Great British Baking Show” or “Cupcake Wars,” and read recipes until you know them by heart, but it’s not the same as deciding to get in the kitchen, get your hands dirty, and bake. Depth of insight follows decision.

What decision is God calling you to right now? What is your next step of faith?

What “next step” or decision is God calling you to make right now?

I’m listening, Lord. Speak to me. Show me my next step of faith. Amen.

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