The Way DAY 30 - Follow the Leader

DAY 30 - Follow the Leader

Luke 6:43-49

Who influences you?

The 21st century has introduced a new career: influencers. Influencers amass followers on social media to persuade people to do something the influencer does. Usually it’s convincing people to buy something that earns the influencer a commission. Influencers are leaders because leadership is really just influencing people one direction or another.

Jesus ends his Sermon on the Plain by warning us about our influencers. Who leads you? Whose life advice shapes how you live?

First, warns against being overly critical of others (v.37-38). Instead, we should be (and find leaders who are) generous toward others. Jesus is still contrasting his way of life to the Pharisees. Remember, some Pharisees made it their mission to criticize and condemn Jesus.

Second, Jesus warns about following “blind guides” (v.39-40). Some leaders, teachers, and influencers really have no idea what they’re doing. They’re sure to lead us down a dead end.

Third, Jesus again warns us about being easy on ourselves and critical of others (v.41-42).

Fourth, Jesus urges us to look at the fruit born by people’s lifestyles (v.43-45). Yes, this is absolutely a reminder to examine ourselves closely (remember v.41-42?), but it’s also an alert to look at our life-leaders.

Finally, Jesus challenges us to do what he says. It’s easy to be impressed by Jesus, to get lost in winding alleyways of Bible study while never doing the hard work of changing how we live.

Some Christians have argued that Jesus never intended us to really do what he says. They say his goal was to show how impossible a moral life is without God’s grace. Well, yes, of course, it’s impossible without God’s help. But why on earth would Jesus end a sermon with a story spurring us to do what he says if he doesn’t want us to do what he says?

Jesus wants us to live with excessive generosity. He does not want us to be overly critical, hypocritical, and unforgiving. To do any of this, we have to take a close look at who influences how we live.

Who are the leaders, teachers, or influencers who shape how you think and act?

Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for listening to false teachers and blind guides. Today I commit myself to your teaching. Teach me how to live. Teach me how to be wise and discerning. Amen.

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