Revelation Day 55 - Victory in Jesus

DAY 55
Victory in Jesus
Revelation 20:1-6

All week long, we’ve been focused on this conviction: Jesus Christ is returning to judge the living and the dead.

It’s natural to be anxious about death and judgment. Frankly, it’s reasonable to be afraid of judgment if we’re depending on our own record to give us a passing grade. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to be afraid or anxious because Jesus Christ, the Lamb who alone is worthy, offers us a way out. If you trust Jesus with your life, don’t be afraid - be excited! One day you’ll get to meet Jesus face to face! You are guaranteed victory in Jesus. We “reign with Christ” (Rev. 20:4). Pastor John has been telling his churches that from start to finish of Revelation. They faced challenging circumstances, either from outright persecution or pressure to accommodate to Roman culture. 

Like those churches, we have victory in Jesus! Think about it: if that’s true, is there anything in life you can’t handle? Sometimes when I think about all the challenges I’m dealing with, all the stressors, even the pain - sometimes I think about the last things. I think about the end of my life. I think about being with Jesus. And I think about his victory. And then I think, “It’ll be ok.” 

I’ve spent time with so many people in their final days, including truly holy people. Not perfect people, but people who’ve trusted their lives to Jesus. The peace of God for a dying Christian is real. The assurance of salvation is real. The hope of eternal life is real. When I face my final hours, I want to face them eager to meet my Lord, Jesus Christ. He’ll be my judge, but first he was my savior.

Listen to these words from the Heidelberg Catechism (Q52). The comfort of final judgment is “that in all affliction and persecution, I may await with head held high the very Judge from heaven who has already submitted himself to the judgment of God for men and has removed all curse from me” (Heid. Catech., Q 52).

How does it change your perspective on final judgment to think about it as good news?

Lord, you reign! You’re power and authority are greater than the worst things life can throw at me. You’re in charge. By your grace, I reign with you. Thank you for victory in Jesus! Amen.
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