Advent 15 - Rest in Joy

DAY 15 - Rest in Joy
Read Psalm 5:11

Rest in the joy that’s already yours.

We rest when we trust we’re safe. Trust you are safe in God’s hands. Rest in joy because joy already touched down on planet Earth in Bethlehem. Rest in joy, not because you’ll never feel bad again, not because nothing bad will never happen again. Rest in joy because no sadness will ever get the last word, because Jesus will return to finish God’s win over sin and death.

When I think of resting in joy, I think of Old Fezziwig from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. In every version, young Scrooge’s business mentor loves life. Joy oozes out of Fezziwig. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s generous. His joy is contagious.

I think of Harriet, one of our elder saints at Quest. In all the years I’ve known Harriet, she’s never said a cross word. She’s always got a smile and an easy laugh. She compliments and praises others. Harriet and her husband have had their burdens but she carries them with a lightness - with joy. I wonder if that’s possible without resting in the joy already yours.  

Do you want God’s gift of joy? Trust Jesus to give it. Turn to him. Pray, “Lord Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit! Fill me with your joy!” Rest in him. Rest in his joy. Rest in his victory.

You can rest in the joy that’s already yours. That’s such a relief! It’s good news! I don’t have to make joy. Joy IS thanks to Jesus! He came to free you from the misery of sin and the misery of death. He came to take you home. He came to give you joy!

Joy IS the serious business of heaven. Thank God - thank God! - it’s already mine! And it’s already yours.

Take a minute or two to sit in quiet. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, slowly let it out. Simply open yourself to God’s joy before closing with the following prayer.

Almighty God, you have made us and all things to serve you, now prepare the world for your rule.
Come quickly to save us, so that wars and violence shall end, and your children may live in peace, honoring one another with justice and love; through Jesus Christ, who lives in power with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. AMEN.
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