Five Invitations - Day 25

DAY 25 - Don’t Be Alone
Genesis 2:18; Hebrews 10:25 

Our church used to be a polling place, so a few voters mistakenly come here to vote. I talked with one voter recently who asked if I was the pastor. We ended up talking about faith and church. He lost the habit of worshiping with others some years ago but still meets online for Bible study with a friend. Unprompted by me, he said, “It’s just not the same. I need more. I need fellowship with other people.”

Like you and me, he needs other people. He needs to belong. God invites us to belong. Throughout the Bible, God’s always trying to make a family. God builds one family to bless every family. Jesus called together and sent together disciples. Paul organized Jesus-followers into local gatherings called churches.

For all the failures and flaws of the church, God meets us and changes us for the better in Christian community. God invites us to belong.

Do you want to connect more with God? Bless, embrace, commit. Or put it this way: embrace the beautiful mess of church.

I’ve been blessed by the beautiful mess of church. Brothers and sisters in Christ have helped me, encouraged me, and challenged me. It’s not always good. I’ve been hurt by other Christians, too. But my relationship with God suffers when I lean away from other Christians too long. God nudges me to embrace the beautiful mess of church.

What’s one step you can take to belong in a Christian community?

Your next step might be one of these:
  • Moving from worship online to an in-person visit.
  • Mingling more with others before and after worship.
  • Joining a small group after the new year.
  • Committing to church membership.
  • Publicly reaffirming your faith after time away from church.
  • Publicly affirming your faith for the first time through baptism.
  • Taking the first step of faith by welcoming Jesus.

What’s one step you can take to belong in a Christian community?

Father, it’s not good for me to be alone. Help me take one step to belong more in Christian community. Amen.

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