Five Invitations - Day 24

DAY 24 - Commitment
Romans 15:7 

In 2 Samuel 9, David and Mephibosheth’s connection shows us one more way to belong together in Christian community. The two finally meet face-to-face. David says in v.7 and v.10, “Mephibosheth, you will always eat at my table.” V.11 says Mephibosheth was treated like a son, like family.

What’s David doing? He commits to Mephibosheth.

True belonging involves commitment.  Pastor Tim Keller says, "Commitment is leaning on something to the point of vulnerability." You can put your best foot forward at one dinner date but you can’t hide your honest thoughts and feelings eating together day after day. David opens up for Mephibosheth to see the real David. He’s vulnerable because he’s committed.

But look at v.13. It says, “And he always ate at the king’s table.” Small detail, but important. It means two things. It means David followed through. It also means Mephibosheth counters commitment with commitment. He accepts the invitation, he chooses to show up, day after day. David commits and Mephibosheth commits. There’s mutual acceptance and mutual commitment.

In his book, Exclusion and Embrace, Miroslav Volf says what seems obvious: it takes two to embrace. Belonging isn’t something you can force. For all his power, David can’t make himself welcome. He can only open his arms, inviting in Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth has to open his arms, too. There’s mutual invitation, mutual acceptance, mutual commitment. There’s belonging.

Do you want to connect more with God? Accept the invitation into God’s family. Commit to a Christian community. Not “Christian community” in the abstract but specific people.

How does mutual commitment create belonging?

Thank you, Lord, for your commitment to me. Help my church to welcome one another like you’ve welcomed us. Amen.

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