Five Invitations - Day 17

DAY 17 - You’re the Minister!
Ephesians 4:11-16 

God calls us to serve others. “Serve” is a synonym for “ministry.” Public servants in Great Britain are still called “ministers,” like the Prime Minister.

God also calls us to serve together. Two of our church’s core values speak to doing ministry together. One value is Authentic Community. We say: “God made us from and for community. God also made us be like Jesus Christ. We grow best when we grow together. We insist on “truth in love” - honesty with each other and compassion toward each other. We do ministry together as a team and in teams. We’re committed to watching over one another in love.”

We see authentic community in small group settings like The Alpha Course. We work together in our administrative teams and in our preparation for worship services.

Another value is Everyone on Mission. We say: “Ministry isn’t for a chosen few. Every believer is gifted for and called to ministry. Pastors and other church leaders equip people to be part of God’s mission together. Our ministry together is all hands on deck and high participation. Our work together propels us out into the world for compassion, service, and evangelism.”

The ministry of a local church is also a team effort. Ministry is not for the few. Ministry is not just for pastors and church staff. Ministry is for everybody. Paul says in Ephesians 4 that church leaders, like pastors, have the unique ministry of helping everyone else do their ministry! Each part needs “to do its own special work” (Eph. 4:16, NLT). That means YOU are a minister!
The best way to learn how you’re gifted to serve is to start serving! Volunteer to help with a need you know about, or tell a church leader, “I’d like to help, how can I serve?”

What do you think and feel when you hear, “You are a minister?”

Thank you, Lord, for giving each of us different gifts for ministry. Help me to use my gifts to serve others. Amen.
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