We grow best when
we grow together.

A Life Group is a powerful way to experience belonging and authentic Christian community.
We want Quest to be a place where no one stands alone but are connected and growing together.

Current Life Groups

Most of Life Groups meet from during the academic year (September - April), but some are short-term groups. Check out our current groups below.  Curious about leading a Sunday night group OR a different group at another time? Contact Pastor Casey.

Sunday Morning Seekers Group

 This group meets during the Modern Service on Sundays. Jan 7th began a new study using  Amy-Jill Levine's book "The Gospel of Mark: A Beginner's Guide to the Good News."  
Date: Sunday Mornings
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Quest Room 101
We welcome any that would like to join us in person or on Zoom. CLICK HERE to email Richard

Weekday Puzzle Group

Led by Kim Clapp, this informal group will center around puzzling and will serve as a time to grow and connect.  Friends are welcome. There will not be a formal study, but there will be opportunity for prayer.
CLICK HERE to email Kim Clapp for more information or to sign up!
Dates: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Location: Quest Room 101

April Life Group: Lectio

Co-led by Casey Taylor, April 7 - May 5
A five session video series with Pete Greig exploring the ancient practice of Lectio Divina
Date: Sunday Evenings
Time: 5-6:30 pm
Dinner will take place concurrent with youth, followed by the group time.

Connect with Groups

About Life Groups

LIFE GROUPS form around a common interest to  spiritually grow together and:

  • Share an interest or passion
  • Engage Scripture and prayer
  • Meet 2-4x a month in any location
  • Are led by a trained leader
  • Commit to the Open Chair Policy
  • Have 7-12 people
What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is a short-term small group experience that typically runs between 5-10 weeks. This allows new people to try a group and gives everyone a break when life gets busy. Groups help us grow our faith together.

Some groups use our "featured focus," but groups might focus on different things. All groups include Scripture and prayer.
What’s the featured focus for fall 2023 Life Groups?
Our fall feature is our fall message series, James: Faith That Works. Groups using the featured focus will dive deeper into the Scripture and topic of each week’s sermon. These Life Groups will run from September 17 - November 12 (about 9 weeks).

Does my group have to use the featured focus?
No, Life Groups can use other materials that align with Quest’s values.

How do I start a new group?
If you want to start or lead a group, contact Pastor Casey.

Do any groups offer childcare?
We typically offer childcare for at least one Life Group meeting at the church.