“The Way”

“Follow me.” Jesus doesn’t start with a list of beliefs. He starts with an invitation to learn a way of life - his way. With the help of Luke’s Gospel, we’ll engage key teachings about walking the Way of Jesus.

Join us at Quest Church January 21 - March 24

This series continues our journey through Luke’s Gospel (begun in Advent 2023), with one to two messages from each chapter through Luke 9. The series ends on Palm Sunday with a look at Jesus’s death and his call to “take up your cross and follow me.” The series explores key aspects of following Jesus through the eyes of Luke. For example, Feb 4 will focus on the freedom Jesus offers us individually but also the fact that this freedom is for everyone (a key theme of Luke).

January 21

Luke 3:1-18 | Change 

 February 25

Luke 6:17-36 | Mercy

January 28

Luke 3:21-23a; 4:1-13 | Accepted

March 3

Luke 7:36-50 | Forgiveness

February 4

Luke 4:14-30 | Freedom

March 10

Luke 8:1-21 | Listen

February 11

Luke 5:1-11 | Disciples

March 17

Luke 8:18-20; 28-36 | Profess

February 18

Luke 6:1-11 | Flexible

March 24

Luke 9:21-26; 23:32-34, 44-46 | Carry