“Psalms: A Prayer Soundtrack”

Sometimes it’s hard to pray. We’re not sure what to say or how to say it. Can we really be honest with God when we pray? Thankfully, the Bible has a whole book that teaches how to pray - the Psalms! Join us for this five week series about learning to pray with wisdom and honesty.

Join us at Quest Church April 14 through May 12

The Psalms are a prayer book that teaches us to pray with wisdom and honesty. Actually, the psalms are a prayer soundtrack because they’re prayer-songs. We often will SING what we can’t SAY, which is one reason why music is so moving. Even though many people are familiar with pieces of the book, they're not sure how to pray using the Psalms. This series samples the different kinds of prayer-songs in Psalms. Each message title captures a phrase spoken to God through that kind of Psalm.

April 14

Psalm 8 | I Love You

May 5

Psalm 1 | I’m Thinking…

April 21

Psalm 10 | Why, God?

May 12

Psalm 23 | You Got This

April 28

Psalm 107:1-16, 42-43 | Thank You!