“Revelation: Worthy is the Lamb”

People treat the book of Revelation like they treat the devil: ignore it or obsess over it. 
  • Is Revelation a calendar of the end times? 
  • Is this Jesus of judgment the loving Jesus we meet in the Gospels? 
  • Is it ok to ignore an entire book of the Bible?
There’s a better way between obsession and ignorance!  In Revelation: Worthy is the Lamb, we’ll spend twelve weeks of summer doing a deep dive into the Bible’s last book. We’ll find encouragement, challenge, and hope. But more than anything else, we’ll see Jesus! 

Join us at Quest Church June 4 - August 27

Week 1

Revelation 1: Revelation Revealed

Week 7

Revelation 12: Battlefield Earth (Under Siege)

Week 2

Revelation 2-3: The Seven Churches

Week 8

Revelation 13-14: Where the Wild Things Are

Week 3

Revelation 4-5: God and the Lamb

Week 9

Revelation 15-16: The Justice of God

Week 4

Revelation: 6-7: Suffering and Salvation

Week 10

Revelation 17-18: Babylon is Gonna Fall

Week 5

Revelation 8-9: Judgement and Repentance

Week 11

Revelation 19-20: Victory

Week 6

Revelation 10-11: The Witness of the Word

Week 12

Revelation 21-22: The New Creation