“James: Faith that Works”

We want stuff to work: our phone, our finances - even our faith! The Letter of James is all about a faith that works. With pithy and practical wisdom, James helps us to have a grown-up faith. And grown-up faith is faith that works! 

Join us at Quest Church September 17 - November 12

Week 1

James 1:1-18
Hard times grow faith that works.

Week 6

James 3:13-4:10
Take the low road to the high life.

Week 2

James 1:19-27
Faith that works loves louder than words.

Week 7

James 4:11-5:6
Check your ego (before its checked for you).

Week 3

James 2:1-13
Faith that works loves beyond the surface.

Week 8

James 5:7-12
Be patient.

Week 4

James 2:14-26
Good creeds grow good deeds.

Week 9

James 5:13-20
Faith never walks alone (it takes a village to raise a Christian).

Week 5

James 3:1-12
Treat the source to tame the tongue.